Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Up Dates pt. 1

Thank GOD there was an official party Pix-er at that EQuinoxxx party since i totally slacked on pictaking......scroll down to the bottom for a chuckler.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


remember graduating from high school? remember that feeling - like what you just went through is obviously gonna haunt you for the rest of your life but at that moment you couldn't give a shit because you were OUT?
that's what leaving idaho is like!!!!!!!!!!!!
though the falls (or 'the twins' as the locs say) were undeniably beautiful

JK!JK! thats not really the twins, just some trashiness!

after rolling for a solid 24-hours through some other idaho-ish lands, we were rewarded w/ an all-american porch-sitting st. patty's in iowa.

ps - thanks 'south-by' for luring all our stupid/soul-less/sellout/successful friends to you, leaving us to stay up until 5 AM doing weird things w/ their cats and stuff in their empty apartments....

EL-GIN (not sure why we came here at all)
i know this 'TLOG' has no show pics of us so one may be fooled into thinking we just go from place to place , comin through on some real kuke-ish shit and leaving, but usually we do play too. not in elgin. this is actually all that happened there b4 we posted BAIL.

the CHI
merchellos grande parents are at southby as well so we get their beachfront property in wilmette.
AKA never thought id make it to rio

ice beach

never thought id made it to agra


best gold toothed band of tour so far:

THRONES aka 'why didnt i think of this'

and then:
unsatisfied w/ just one show, we slitherd over to the VERNAL EQUINOX party, which looked like this when we showed up:

but after locking my axe in the first venue, driving to peoria and back twice to get kenny's (thx), getting puked on and beating the cops in a 'waiting contest', was down to just a handful of the REALEST KIDS:

thx cubs and DONT EVER CHANGE

Sunday, March 15, 2009

DISASTOUR pt.1 AKA a wide-range of emotions

ok , before we get into the really heavy shit, let's go back to a happier time. i'ma rub your ass in the moonshine, let's take it back to seventy-nine....

Portland is a city located in the Northwestern United States, near the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia rivers in the state of Oregon. The city and region are noted for strong land-use planning[9] and investment in light rail, supported by Metro, a distinctive regional-government scheme. Portland is also known for its large number of microbreweries and microdistilleries, and as the home of the Trail Blazers NBA basketball team.

Ok, so we have LOTSA friends in portland (if you don't see yourself then maybe you shoulda got in the pic, kook).
For some reason we were surprised to see this one:

one of them brought us this back from the falafel glamalaxy

not sure what this one is doing

but oh snap! i'm doing it too!

Q:awkard goth-dance party? some kind of mystery spot vortex? someone having a seizure over there?

A: goth

this friend came to be aptly known as 'NOISE PENIZ'

while we watched these ones play some pretty far-out nintendos

LOOK REAL SNOW!!! AND BISCUITS!!! thanks kari (x2) (oh and sorry about those other biscs james, ill get it next time)

and it was only the beginning of the end for this TRAV (not a good sign)

ONWARDS to "it's in the water" olympia
LOOK! a house prominently featured in this book has a note explaining greywater sinks which prominently features The New Thrill Parades!

the Echevarria family tree:

can someone who's really good at photoshop plz take julia's hat and put it on danny's head and erase his moustache and give him some black eye makeup??? did the hat part IRL and it was really really really really really really really really fun.
so julia goes to evergreen and she got us into the dining hall which inspired a WIDE range of emotions, particulary when we noticed these guys (ps - what emotion(s) do you think i'm having?)

i think we can all agree that the emotion felt in relation to college is: REALLY missing it.

not pictured: the utterly hateful mean-mugging dished out by danny (and to a lesser extent steve and i) upon julia's bigbirdyexbf when he DARED show his face in the dining hall while we were present. unfortunately we later learned he thought we were just batty bwoys, not badmans bout to BOX 'IM FACE BWAAAP!!

ONWARDS to seattle trav-fest
can our dude (c)andy crane really be considered an outsider artist? what is an outsider art? are metal cats "outside the boundaries of official culture"?

what about metal jackets?

the key word is seattle is: hair and you're about to see a LOT OF IT
check it out: BRO-ken nobles

LOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR! (mckinnon is thanking me for not posting certain pictures from this shoot)

here's a better look at that shirt mackwell was wearing the entire time we were there and is probably still wearing right now

also this "moment we've all been waiting for"

back at the crib:
who knew this trav was a master at anything much less FOOSBALL?? undftd


all you could do was laugh.

amitai didn't sing and watched this classic seattle trifecta instead

not pictured: bingers and a lot of other things (for legal reasons)

ONWARDS to boy-se, by which point everyone except me was sick and physically unable to have fun.
pussygutt were just what we needed. synus-clearing. and they're house was appropriately goth.

at the show, dan-o and ben(?) filled in for amitai (r.i.p.) on vocals and made us feel like a karaoke machine.
then on the way out of town the next day
the clownz caught up to us. they took us to the amusement park and wouldn't let us leave. i spent the night there.
eventually i got out be continued?